Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Is The Andover Innovation Lab?

What Are We About!

The Andover Innovation Lab is a unique opportunity for students who wish to develop their own independent technology driven project. Students have the opportunity to come to the Innovation Lab and create a proposal for a self driven project. Students are also mentored and supported by experienced technology educators who can assist them at finding the resources and tools to complete their projects and create real world experiences. This includes reaching out and making real world connections for potential internship experiences,professional connections and personal growth.

If you are a student in Andover High School or you know a student who would benefit from the great benefits of a personalized,self directed and technology rich experience let them know about this opportunity. The students participating in the Innovation Lab also serve as the first line of support for the student run help desk. Students can expand knowledge in the areas of networking,hardware and also troubleshooting technical issues.

Potential Independent Projects Include:

  • Developing A Mobile Application or Web Based Application
  • Creating A Website Or Blog For A Business or Personal Interest
  • Developing  A Game or Multimedia Project
  • Developing A Network Design Plan
  • Building Computers or Studying Hardare
  • Learning More About Social Media & Professional Networking
  • Using Lab Time To Work On The Technology Centered Components of Another School Projec